Pendaftaran Program Inkubasi “Founder Institute”

Teman-teman ITB sekalian, Founder Institute, salah satu program Inkubasi yang paling terkenal didunia, dan telah berhasil melahirkan Startup-startup sukses di Sillicon Valley, tahun ini membuka chapter di Indonesia.

Program ini berupa program pembinaan intensif selama 4 bulan yang akan membantu teman-teman dalam memulai bisnis, bertemu dengan puluhan mentor, investor dan Venture Capital dari Indonesia, Asia Tenggara, dan Amerika

Berikut kami jelaskan deskripsi singkat dan slide presentasi mengenai program ini

Bagi teman-teman yang ingin bertanya lebih lanjut seputar program ini silakan kontak Techno Entrepreneur Club ITB (Verry : 085756712525)

Over 400 technology founders have already launched companies with the help of our company-building curriculum, expert feedback and peer support. Are you next?
Who Should Apply?
Anybody who is passionate about building a technology company is welcome to apply: idea or no idea, full-time job or unemployed, young or old, male or female, experienced in business or straight out of school. We also support a wide range of technology industries: including digital media, software, biotech, cleantech, ecommerce, advertising, consumer electronics, and more.
What to Expect?
After completing the application below, you will be invited to take our Predictive Admissions Test, which is our main criteria for evaluating applicants. The test takes about 45 minutes to complete, and you will have a few days to get it done. Developed by leading social scientists in conjunction with the Founder Institute, this test is continually calibrated to identify entrepreneurial personality traits.
All applicants are asked to contribute a $25 USD fee to help cover the administration costs of the Predictive Admissions Test. Applications are reviewed as soon as they are recieved and by no later than on Sunday, October 09, 2011, and you will hear from the Institute before Wednesday, October 26, 2011. You can login at any time using your email and password and see your application status on the right hand of each page next to “Status.”
Not Ready?
If you want to learn more, our About page is a good place to start.

Ready? Great! Let’s get started…

Verry Anggara Musriana
Department of Physiscs
Institut Teknologi Bandung

External Manager
Techno Entrepreneur Club ITB (TEC-ITB)

generic16x16.gif FI – Jakarta – Introduction v5.pptx

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