Career Clinic

Salam sejahtera,
Untuk teman-teman yang sebentar lagi akan memasuki dunia kerja
ada baiknya menyimak informasi di bawah ini

Please come and join “EF Career Clinic Workshop”!!!

Bring along your CV. Learn and discuss:

* How to create an attractive and effective CV
* How to present yourself effectively in an interview
* How to negotiate salary
* International corporate culture
* And more!!!

Registration Fee is transferrable to BCA, a/n. PT Adyaeduka Dinamika, No. 035 308 3004. Please scan/email your transfer slip to wil_lautama
please write your full name and phone number and
write “EF Career Clinic Workshop” as subject
Attention William Lautama EF

We look forward to meeting you at our workshop!!!

William Lautama
Industrial Engineering 2008
EF Ambassador
facebook : William Lautama
twitter/mindtalk : @wil_lautama
phone : 0899 784 6078



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