Roadshow Trust by Danone 9 (Undergrad) & Danone Management Trainee (Freshgrad)

Want to be part of an international business competition, Trust 9 Danone 2012?

Want to win a trip to Paris and meet the best teams from around the world!

Trust is an international business challenge specially designed for students who want to gain real insight into today’s biggest commercial issues! You’ll you’ll have the chance to prove your potential, learn new skills, meet managers from Danone – and perhaps even win a trip to PARIS! All in all, about 12,800 students have experienced the Trust challenge- and over 380 students have been recruited since its first edition. Taking part this year are: Algeria, China, Czech Republic & Slovakia, INDONESIA, Portugal, Romania, Russia and the USA.

Danone offers ITB students to participate in Trust 9 by Danoone and those fresh graduates to get to know more about Danone Management Trainee at the same time.

Take part in this unique experience and grab the opportunity by attending an integrated Trust by Danone 9 and Danone Management Trainee:

DanYouth Roadshow 2011
at Aula Timur ITB
Wednesday, October 26, 2011



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