Seeking candidate to work as RISK ANALYST of consumer lending products with requirement as follows:

Duties and Responsibilities
• Gathering and interpreting large amounts of complex data to formulate concise conclusions regarding portfolio dynamics and trends.
• Indentifying the potential areas of risks that threaten the very success and working of the company.
• Proposing methodologies and solutions to overcome those risks and reduce their effects.
• Predicting the future trends based on the latest developments in the market and recommending plans to keep up with the pace.
• Create analyses to improve existing strategies and tools by identifying populations of varying risk levels and apply specialized strategies to these groups.
• Responsible for monthly and ad-hoc MIS, compiling reports, presentations and other visual materials to highlight the effects of risks and the proposed solutions with its pros.
• Monitoring and assessing the post-period implementation of risk management strategies.
• Evaluating the implementation of risk reduction strategies and finding the positive as well as negative outcomes of them.

Skills and Specifications
• Strong technical/analytical skills with experience of using large database & programming, preferably having good capability in Microsoft Excel and Access/SAS/VBA/SQL.
• Strong analytical, qualitative and quantitative skills.
• Good written and verbal communication skills in English.
• Problem-solving and research-oriented skills.
• Possesses the ability to maintain excellent quality of output under high pressure and tight deadline, and ability to maintain a high level of intense concentration for a prolonged period.

Education and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in math/ computer science/ finance/ economics/ statistics/ accounting/ techniques/engineering or a related discipline from a leading/reputable university.
• Fresh graduate up to maximum of 3 years experiences.

If you are a suitable match for this position please send your CV to vemil.putra before 9 November 2011.


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