ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange 2012- Call for Application!

Hi Ganesha youth :) happy

Additional information about ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange (AYLE)

A Peek Into AYLE 2012…

Start on a High
… Start on a High with a visit to Resorts World Sentosa where fun and excitement awaits you. Unwind at the Sentosa beach, loose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the place, and get ready to play Kabaddi; an exclusive sport to foster the team spirit. Not only this, a whole lot of surprise activities have been planned for you, that would not only be fun but would give you an opportunity to stimulate your entrepreneurial minds as well.

Get Inspired…. and learn
Get inspired as we bring down to you successful entrepreneurs to share their invaluable experiences about starting up in a metropolitan city like Singapore. From the experts in Technopreneurship to Ecopreneurship, grab your chance to gain insights from the people who have made it Big! Furthermore, embrace the qualities and learn the skills of entrepreneurship through the distinguished workshops and wide array of activities especially designed to nurture your entrepreneurial mindset.

Awake By Night
Knowing that your time in Singapore is short, a plethora of night-time activities have been arranged for you. Activities which are sure to leave you with fond memories. Walk with us to the heart of Singapore, Marina Bay, and feast your eyes on the impressive skyline. Enjoy the stunning tour to the World’s first Night Safari. Lighten up with the screening of an inspiring Hollywood film. And finally, end with a Bang as we take you to the hippest and the coolest places around Singapore!

Visits to Start-ups
Is it possible to get the real feel of entrepreneurship in Singapore without visiting successful start-ups and hearing from the founders themselves? We say, No! Let us be your guides as we take you to visit some of the finest local Start-ups where you would not only gain insight into the realm of local entrepreneurship but you would also get to interact with the successful people behind those Start-ups.

Immerse yourself in the Singapore Culture
No visit to Singapore is complete without experiencing its traditional side. Gear up to take in cultural beauty of Singapore and gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship as you make your way through activities designed around Singapore’s culturally rich centers such as China Town and Arab Street.

Welcome to this excited program & get the cheaper fee by
send the application before 31 December 23:59

Feel free to ask anything about AYLE on twitter (@Wil_lautama)
or facebook fan page ( aseanpreneurs)
Best Regards,
ASEANpreneurs Country Manager of Indonesia
William Lautama


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