Microsoft Internship for 3rd Year Students

Looking for an internship opportunity overseas in technology? Look no further!

We have here in front of you a great opportunity to have an internship in Microsoft South East Asia.

Based in Indonesia and Singapore our “Intern to MACH” program offers you the chance to develop business skills through individual and group projects, network and build relationships with our senior leaders through ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions and develop your network and build new friendships with your peers from across South East Asia. To find out more please join us on:

Tuesday 27th March

12 pm

Multimedia Room LSKK – STEI ITB
Gd. Achmad Bakrie Labtek VIII 2nd floor
Ganesha 10, Street
Bandung 40132

Register for this event by emailing your resume to:

I hope you guys the best for selection process!

Andri Agassi
Vice President of External Relation
AIESEC Local Commitee Bandung
✉ andri.agassi | ☎ +62-821-2011-5911
Local Partners
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Human Resource Partner: Humanforce
National Partners
National Partners
AIESEC in Bandung | Jl. Suka Senang V No. 14 | Bandung | Indonesia
☎ +62-22-722-2233-1 | ☛

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Twitter Latest tweet: the interview schedule that we’ve announced are for applicants who’ve already passed the FGD selection on 17th-18th March 2012 Follow @aiesecbandung twitter_reply.png Reply twitter_retweet.png Retweet 14:57 Mar-20


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