AIESEC Bandung Volunteer Program for ITB Students

Hi Everyone, How are you guys? I hope you are doing great.
My name is Satrio Wiavianto from AIESEC Bandung, and hereby I want to promote some opportunity to become a volunteer in our summer project that will be held on July – September 2012.
Since we will conduct around 4 projects this summer, we need a lot of human resource, to help us organizing this project and also to give some insight from external sides of AIESEC which is going to be very valuable and useful.
So here, we invite ITB Students to participate and join this program and become one of our organizing committee for the upcoming project.

This summer, we will conduct 4 project based on exchange (PboX) that will concern in 4 different issues :
1. China Town
2. Eco Tourism
3. Universal Children Education
4. SOCEP – Social Enterprise Consultant

And for those projects we will need some volunteer to fill these position as followed (JD of each position are attached)
1. China Town
– Organizing Committee Marketing (7)
– Organizing Committee PR and Communication

2. Eco Tourism
– Organizing Committee Marketing (7)

3. Universal Children Education

– Organizing Committee Marketing (7)

4. SOCEP – Social Enterprise Consultant

– Organizing Committee Program
– Organizing Committee PR and Communication

– Organizing Committee Marketing (6)

Regarding to 4 summer PBoX we will have this summer starts from june until september, we need around 80-100 host families all around Bandung.

So if you are interested to join AIESEC Bandung Volunteer Program or to become one of host famillies.
Please directly contact my friend here by email : hindarkomarina, and we can arrange an interview.

If you got elected, you will start to prepare the project from 9th of June until late August.

Thank you so much for your attention, I hope this program could be a platform for AIESEC Bandung and ITB to maintain a good relation, share our thoughts and expand our mindset.

Satrio Wiavianto
University Committee President Elect 12/13
AIESEC University Committee ITB
AIESEC Local Committee Bandung
P : +6285819865551
E : satriowiavianto


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