ASIAN JOB EXPRESS 2012 Business Report Contest

29 September 2012
Untuk teman-teman yang pengen berkompetisi di bidang bisnis,terutama menyusun strategi marketing, ASIAN JOB EXPRESS 2012 membuka peluang untuk mencari potensi-potensi baru di Indonesia. Tiga perusahaan Jepang yaitu IDEMITSU, MUJI, dan BANDAI NAMCO berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini.


Join ASIAN JOB EXPRESS and become the globalization business executive. Make the strategy of the marketing in your country to make a new success of the industry of petroleum, life goods, and game.

Proposal Concept

The aim of ASIAN JOB EXPRESS is to discover potential Asian leaders, the people who expect to be actively involved in the front lines of the business world, among the very talented university students in Asia, regardless of their nationalities, and to support them in achieving their goals in their chosen fields.

Three enterprises taking part in the event will each set a task in their respective area. Participants are then requested to submit a resume and a report on the given task.

There are four benefits for participating in this contest.

1. Selected candidates will be given the honor of participating in the Asian Business Contest, which will be held in Japan (Tokyo) this December.
2. Total Prize Money (for One Individual Category)
3. Winning candidates will be given priority employment interviews with enterprises participating in the event.
4. ASIAN JOB EXPRESS will provide all students who participate, even those who do not win, with information regarding employment at Japanese companies, or will help to introduce them to Japanese companies.

Conditions of Participation

The event will be conducted in English. Japanese language proficiency will not be needed. Participants who have never studied Japanese will also be welcomed. You are cordially invited to participate.
University junior students, university senior students, graduate students ( as of September 2011)

Entry deadline: 29 SEPTEMBER 2012

Further info:



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