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“I believe that in the short years to come, we will see the awakening of (young) minds that finally change disrupt the way we do things”

Systec Group ( is a business development accelerator for promising entrepreneurs, a laboratory for business students, and a community resource for innovators and new ventures. Systec Group is also a pioneering, multi-stage incubator providing an intensive acceleration process for growing companies that have the potential for significant benefits, The INCYTE.

INCYTE Meetup will become the screening process to get new portofolio that will join INCYTE or get an Internship offer at Systec. Systec Meetup will be consist of 4 sessions that will be focusing on Design Thinking process. Systec will begining to guiding and coaching the applicants to develop their ideas. at the end of the Meetup, Systec will choose potential candidate that are eligible to join INCYTE or Internship in SYSTEC Group.

Meetup Benefit for Participant:
Coaching, you’ll be given more usefull knowledge and skill to develop your ideas / startup.
Co-founder meeting, at these INCYTE Meetup you can meet fellow participant that can be your co-founder at your startup.
Network, you’ll get exposure to industry
Co-working Space, you can freely use our facilities at Systec-Hub, Bandung
Direct offer to Systec INCYTE and Internship program, during the Meetup, we will begin our screening process to select potential candidate that can get the opportunity to be funded.

1st Meetup Date : Bandung, 15th September 2012
Location : To be announced

Eligibility :
INCYTE Meetup is open for every people in Bandung that are passionate to be a Startup founder and from any background (Business, Programming, Design, etc). Regardless you’re already having a biz ideas/concept or not.

Registration :
If you already have a business concept/ideas about your Startup, submit your idea summary to verry.anggara . (if you still don’t have any biz ideas but having a capability to build startup such as ; programming, design, business development, etc, you still able to participate by submit your portfolio). Selected applicant will get notification via email. Due date : 13th September
Contact Person : Verry Anggara (085756712525)

Verry Anggara Musriana
Department of Physiscs
Institut Teknologi Bandung

External Manager
Techno Entrepreneur Club ITB (TEC-ITB)

Marketing Manager

Partnership Manager

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